BB Oil Free 12 hours

BB Cream Range BB Oil Free 12 hours


BB Cream Range BB Oil Free 12 hours

New Formula lasts 12 hours

Long-lasting mineral pigments and an upgraded formula for perfect skin that breathes for up to 12 hours, even in the most skin-unfriendly situations like heat, air conditioning, stress, dirt and pollution.
New Complex
Along with a 12-hour endurance, a new antioxidant complex with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and grapefruit extract to protect the skin and restore its natural radiance for glowing, healthy-looking skin.
BB cream Oil Free uses an all-in-one technology that combines all beauty routine steps in one single gesture. Its unique oil-free formula specially designed for oily skin is enriched with ultra-absorbing perlite to mattify and reduce pores and imperfections and boost a healthy glow. Mineral pigments naturally unify your skin and SPF20 helps protect your skin from UV.

BB Cream Range BB Cream Combination to Oily Skin Light

BB Cream Range BB Cream Combination to Oily Skin Light

Available in 2 shades: Light/Medium

A combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Lipidure Microspheres + Glycerin retains water in the skin, allowing it to maintain superior moisture levels and improve softness and suppleness of skin for 24hours. Vitamin C provides antioxidant properties, boosts radiance and luminosity of skin. Mineral Pigments delicately and immediately beautiful skin. The rich pigments instantly melt and spread flawlessly over skin.


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The Garnier team



36 years old

1 Star rated

I've used this FAB product for years without any problems but just started a new tube with newer branding only to find it now has an awful strong perfume smell to it & noticed my skin was very red/irritated after i washed it off. I won't be buying more :



26 years old

0 Star rated

My review on the product.



24 years old

5 Star rated

it's a great product and i love it and it's my favorite BB cream so far , but there is only one problem and that's it's darker than my skin tone even though it's the light version of it , which caused me to stop using it even though i love it :(