BB classic 12 hours

BB Cream Range BB classic 12 hours


BB Cream Range BB classic 12 hours

New Formula lasts 12 hours

Long-lasting mineral pigments and an upgraded formula for perfect skin that breathes for up to 12 hours, even in the most skin-unfriendly situations like heat, air conditioning, stress, dirt and pollution.
New Complex
Along with a 12-hour endurance, a new antioxidant complex with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and grapefruit extract to protect the skin and restore its natural radiance for glowing, healthy-looking skin.
In only one gesture, Garnier BB Cream offers you a long lasting care by replacing a moisturizer, primer, foundation and daily sunblock.
It has an all-in-one technology that combines all beauty routine steps in one single gesture for an immediate perfect skin

BB Cream Range BB Cream Classic

BB Cream Range BB Cream Classic

Thanks to the Vitamin C derivative, known to have antioxidant properties, it boosts skin glow and luminosity. Its mineral pigments naturally unify your skin. Its SPF15 filter helps protect the skin from UV


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