One of the biggest misunderstandings when it comes to oily skin is that drying it out and not using skin care products will help in any way. The fact is that oily skin will produce even more sebum and become greasier when it is dried out, so a specially designed skin care treatment for oily and acne-prone skin is definitely the way to go. As there are so many different types of oily skin, Garnier cater to all ages and needs to ensure your get the best skin care treatment we can give - day and night.
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    ​Pure Active Range

    Pure Active 3 in 1

    Discover the triple mineral power for a triple anti-impurities action for clearer looking skin every.

    Pure Active 3-in-1 can be used as:

    1- A wash: enriched Zinc, the sebum-regulating properties, it intensively cleanses and removes impurities. Apply every day to wet face and rinse
    2- A scrub: it contains pumice stone, exfoliating to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. Apply to wet face and massage insisting on your forehead, nose and chin, then rinse
    3- A mask: enriched with white clay, with softening and absorbent properties, it reduces the brightness of the skin. Apply on your face 2 to 3 times a week, allow to dry for 3 minutes on your face then rinse

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    ​BB Cream Range

    BB Oil Free 12 hours

    Long-lasting mineral pigments and an upgraded formula for perfect skin that breathes for up to 12 hours, even in the most skin-unfriendly situations like heat, air conditioning, stress, dirt and pollution.
    New Complex
    Along with a 12-hour endurance, a new antioxidant complex with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and grapefruit extract to protect the skin and restore its natural radiance for glowing, healthy-looking skin.
    BB cream Oil Free uses an all-in-one technology that combines all beauty routine steps in one single gesture. Its unique oil-free formula specially designed for oily skin is enriched with ultra-absorbing perlite to mattify and reduce pores and imperfections and boost a healthy glow. Mineral pigments naturally unify your skin and SPF20 helps protect your skin from UV.
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    ​BB Cream Range

    BB Cream SPF 50

    For high sun protection: Available in 2 shades: Light/ Medium

    In only one gesture, Garnier BB Cream offers you a long lasting care while protecting your skin from the sun damages. It has an all-in-one technology with an advanced high UVA-UVB protection that protects your skin while keeping it perfect in one gesture.

    BB Cream SPF 50 has 5 immediate results:
    -Evens tone and illuminates
    -Anti-dark spots
    -Protects against sun-induced damage
    -Very high UVA/UVB protection

    How to use it:
    Spread the BB cream like your regular moisturizer on a clean skin. To increase coverage, do not hesitate to apply one more coat.