Gentle skin care treatment for sensitive skin. Treating a sensitive skin requires pure and gentle products with the ability to be active enough to cleanse and moisturize, yet natural enough not to irritate. By enriching skin care products with vitamins, natural fruit extracts, and oils, Garnier is able to offer a long list of skin care products suitable for sensitive skin in need of a care. Even though sensitive skin should be treated with a light hand, there is no reason it can't be cleansed on a daily basis. This actually helps the skin renew itself and promotes a healthier look and feel.
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    ​Tissue Masks

    Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask with Chamomile Extract X1

    For Dry and Sesitive Skin
    This tissue mask is infused with a soothing formul concentrated with Chamomile, Hyaluronic Acid and hydrating serum.
    Applied to the face, it acts like a compress that continuously diffuses all the effectiveness of the serum to hydrate your skin intensely(1). Suitable for sensitive skin. Paraben Free.

    (1) Upper layer of the epidermis.
    Proven Efficacy(2): In 15 minutes, skin is intensely rehydrated, soft, comfortable and soothed. In 1 week: skin is nurished, revitalised and the feeling of tightness is soothed.
    (2) Consumer test 62 women – 3 applications for 1 week.

    How to Use it:
    1. Unfold the mask. Gently apply on a clean face with the blow protective film visible on the outside of your face.
    2. Remove the blue protective film. Adjust the mask to the contours of your face.
    3. Leave it on for 15 minutes. It stays perfectly on your face and leaves you free to move around.
    4. Remove the mask. Massage gently to allow excess formula to be absorbed, or use a cotton pad to remove.

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    ​BB Cream Range

    BB Cream SPF 50

    For high sun protection: Available in 2 shades: Light/ Medium

    In only one gesture, Garnier BB Cream offers you a long lasting care while protecting your skin from the sun damages. It has an all-in-one technology with an advanced high UVA-UVB protection that protects your skin while keeping it perfect in one gesture.

    BB Cream SPF 50 has 5 immediate results:
    -Evens tone and illuminates
    -Anti-dark spots
    -Protects against sun-induced damage
    -Very high UVA/UVB protection

    How to use it:
    Spread the BB cream like your regular moisturizer on a clean skin. To increase coverage, do not hesitate to apply one more coat.